Ekoo member of French Tech and France digitale

When you're a start-up, in order to progress you need to: meet new people, get known, be challenged, network... It's by following these steps that Ekoo crossed the path of the French Tech and France digitale. From dream to reality, the start-up has become a member of these communities. But what are their roles? What exactly do they do?

The French Tech

What is French Tech? It's the French start-up movement. More precisely? It brings together entrepreneurs, decision makers, community builders... Its mission is to make France one of the most attractive countries! Basically, it is a label that is awarded to cities recognized for their start-up ecosystem. This movement also proposes aid programs for start-ups. If we want to summarize the mission of this movement in a few words, we can say: federate, accelerate and radiate. In 2021, there will be 11,000 partner start-ups.

It is with great pride that we joined the French Tech Lille led by Sam Dahmani. The French Tech Lille is a top team, very dynamic, which bends over backwards for the Tech entrepreneurs. With them, we make great meetings that allow us to go faster and open new doors, to help us create links and spread in the Hauts de France region.

Ekoo a French tech start-up
French Tech, the French start-up movement

Digital France

What isFrance digitale? It is the leading organisation for start-ups in Europe. The association includes 1,800 digital entrepreneurs and investors. But why join? Because this association aims to enable members to raise funds, recruit, improve their impact and expand their network. It organises major events that bring together thousands of entrepreneurs every year. The aim is also to defend the interests and promote start-ups.

Now that we have joined this community, we can meet entrepreneurs we would never have dreamed of meeting. We can also physically participate in the general assembly to meet people who inspire us, such as Fred Mazzella (founder of BlaBlaCar) and Fleur Pellerin (former Minister of Culture). Joining France digitale also opens up the network of national and international investors.

Ekoo is a partner of France digitale.
France digitale, an organisation for start-ups

Who knows maybe one day Ekoo will be on the board of France digitale and if it's Johann expect after beers and fries 😂🍻🍟

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