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Alice Délice stainless steel rice spoon

The 25.6 cm stainless steel rice spoon ensures convenient and easy serving . Its large dimensions allow you to serve all your guests quickly. The stainless steel material guarantees optimal durability and easy maintenance.

13,99 €

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Precious oil make-up remover

Precious Cleansing Oil transforms into a milky veil on contact with water, gently cleansing and removing make-up from all skin types. Formulated without preservatives and composed of 100% organic plant oils, this care product soothes, nourishes and protects. Suitable for waterproof make-up.


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Dara - Connected Scale

Analyze your body composition with the patented dual impedance technology. Fat, muscle, hydration, bone density, get a 360° view of your body:
- Detailed analysis of your evolution
- Ideal to reach your weight or sport goal


Paradis Perdus by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

This Crossing of Time faces a prodigious challenge: to tell the history of humanity in the form of a novel. To make the centuries pass by, to embrace the ages, to feel the upheavals, as if Yuval Noah Harari had crossed paths with Alexandre Dumas. For over thirty years, this titanic project has occupied Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Accumulating scientific, medical, religious and philosophical knowledge, creating strong, touching and lively characters, he now gives birth to it and propels us from one world to another, from prehistory to the present day, from evolutions to revolutions, while the past illuminates the present.


The audio opinion of a reader who is a fan of Eric Emmanuel Schmitt