Case study: Picard teams share their recipe secrets and democratize their loyalty program

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Picard teams share their recipe secrets and democratize their loyalty program


Picard not only shines with its exclusive festive recipes during the festive season, but the company also makes a point of highlighting its permanent products. On top of this, in May 2022, Picard undertook a significant overhaul of its "Picard&Nous" loyalty program, aiming to make it more comprehensive and more intimately linked to its customers' needs. This renewal process presented specific challenges, particularly in terms of effective communication. Picard had three clear objectives: to clarify and amplify communication around its permanent recipes, its special end-of-year recipes, and to explain the advantages and functionalities of its new loyalty program to better inform and engage its customers.

The project

To achieve these objectives, Ekoo has set up audio devices to captivate consumers:

  • We recorded audio capsules of around 25 seconds each, created by the product managers. These capsules detail the recipes, explain the taste particularities, the origin of the ingredients and offer a description of the design of the end-of-year and permanent products. In addition, thesehese capsules have been integrated into the product pages, and are indicated on the list page by a "to listen to" banner.
  • On the page dedicated to the Picard&Nous loyalty program, four audio widgets in the Picard colors detail every aspect of the program. The audio testimonials clearly explain the benefits of the program, how to sign up, how to collect points, and how to use them.

The results

  • The 100 audio capsules were a great success, with almost all customers who started them listening to them in full. Customers who have listened to the capsules tend to increase their purchases, both online and in-store.
  • A significant improvement in customer understanding and commitment thanks to detailed explanations of the loyalty program, which increased their use of the benefits offered.


Listen to our audio devices at Picard: 

Thin tart with zucchini and raw goat cheese

Loyalty program

EKOO at our customer's

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