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Nowadays, buying on internet seems kind of difficult. You don’t have the same experience as in physical shops, products look very similar, indeed clients will have trouble choosing their products.

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Nowadays, clients are overwhelmed with similars offers on internet.

# The environment on e-commerce site has an impact on consumer.

Unlike physical shop, e-commerce can’t play with sensory aspect. Sound with professional’s advice, touch: different texture, try-on, sight:  how the product is presented, the sense give off emotion which is the most important when buying.
When writing the product’s description online, the emotion can’t be fully transmitted from seller to buyer. On the internet, consumers are overwhelmed with offers that are (more or less?)  similar.
In this very competitive environment, being different from the other can be difficult. The main point that makes your product stand out is the customer experience. It is proven that when a customer is looking for a new product, they are also looking for reviews. 63% of customers tend to be more likely to buy a product from a company with reviews.

Even if reviews are important, client can be discouraged by the amount of text to read to have a clear opinion on the product.
Nowadays, people don’t read as much as before for multiple reason: it’s time-consuming, they can’t do other things at the same time, they are no longer used to staying focused on a text. Because with smartphone, they are now scrolling all day long. The number of podcasts, audio books and their users keep growing. And that’s from this statement that the idea of Ekoo was born.

# Is Ekoo the new solution for your brand ?

The idea behind Ekoo is simple: allow the professional and consumers to talk about your products (directly/straight) on your website and let potential consumer hear it.

When a client will be on your website and sees a product, he can click on a bouton to listen the professional’s explanation. Thanks to that, the client will know more about the products’ elements: the chosen materials (and why those), its added value. It allows the client to feel the seller’s buyer and it develops a connexion between them. It creates a human-to-human emotional connections that involved trust, affection, and therefore a more than possible purchase

From the client’s point of view, previous consumers’ experiences help them for their choices. Nowadays, reviews really matter for clients, and positives ones influenced their buying decisions 9 times out of 10. Nowadays, reviews really matter for clients, and positives ones influenced their buying decisions 9 times out of 10.

e-commerce site valued thanks to Ekoo and audio reviews
Ekoo cans help your e-commerce site to have the emotions back thanks to voice tech and customers’ audio review.

# How it can benefit your e-commerce site.

Also, the fact that the review is said by another person, client can perceive it as a friend’s advice.
From now on clients will be able to make an audio review about the product bought.
Giving your client the ability to talk about your product gives benefits: it makes them actors? of your brand, they are more invested, so more likely to rebuy from your company.

In addition to create a new customer experience, your website become more convenient to everyone. Many find its interest: such as elderly that often finds the writing too small for them. And of course, millennials who are daily users of audio. Almost all applications offer audio to communicate with each other, and first, phone was created to call. Talking through a phone is now known by everyone and almost native for everyone.

So, why don’t you start a new customer client with their modern knowledge?

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