Ekoo gives the floor to Furet du Nord and Decitre booksellers

The Nosoli group surely tells you something. Indeed, it is nothing less than the 1st group of bookstores in France. The latter holds two of the most famous bookstores on the French territory, Le Furet du Nord and Decitre. In these bookstores, you will be informed by people who are passionate about reading. After all, who better to advise you than book lovers? Their advice and expert voices will help you find the next best thing in your library.

Audio reviews from booksellers. Ekoo collaboration with the Furet du Nord group and Decitre

Le Furet du Nord and Decitre: Why are these bookstores turning to audio?

Le Furet du Nord and Decitre are two extremely popular bookstores, where it is possible to find millions of different books, either in physical stores or on their websites.

E-commerce has become a strategic axis for book sales. However, there is a problem. For each book, publishers choose a single descriptive text to sell it. Customers will find exactly the same product description on each marketplace. How can we solicit the interest of readers by simply using a sober description, without originality and without personality? The two bookstores decided to stand out from their competitors. Ekoo is then the perfect solution for them, and they understood it well!

It's hard to judge a book by its cover. So, to find out if you like it, you ask a book lover for advice. But, again, it's not that simple. In stores, salespeople are not always available, and customer reviews on the Internet are generally not very well developed. And to top it all off, advice can get lost. That's where Ekoo comes in! By giving the floor to booksellers! How do you say? Well, with the help of audio. With audio, the word of an enthusiast can be preserved indefinitely and inform customers in store as well as on the merchant site.

A collaboration under the sign of literature: Ekoo and the Nosoli group - Furets du Nord and Decitre bookshops
A collaboration under the sign of literature: Ekoo and the Nosoli group - Furets du Nord and Decitre bookshops

A collaboration between the Ekoo team and Le Furet du Nord
A collaboration under the sign of literature: Ekoo and the Nosoli group - Furets du Nord and Decitre bookshops

Course of the collaboration between Le Furet du Nord - Decitre and Ekoo

As we explained above, the aim of this collaboration is to give booksellers a voice on digital and in-store by placing QR codes in the points of sale. This way, customers can find the booksellers' advice. Whether in store or online, Ekoo audios are available. Audio is the easiest way for an expert to talk about his favorites when he is not at his customer's side.

Ekoo records the audio favourites of the Furet du Nord and Decitre bookshops

How does a collaboration between Ekoo and bookstores work? Quite simply, Ekoo starts by meeting the teams of Furet du Nord and Decitre by going to the bookstores to listen to the teams. Then, it's time for co-creation and interviews, with the recording of the audio, which is done by the booksellers and the consultants. The last step of this collaboration is training. Indeed, Ekoo wants its customers to be autonomous. To do so, Ekoo teaches them how to master their platform, so that the implementation of audio is easy and each user becomes autonomous.

How does Ekoo audio work on websites and in bookstores?

As you will have understood, for this collaboration, Le Furet du Nord and Decitre have chosen to use the Ekoo solution. This means that you can find audio players on their website. These can be found on product pages and even on a page dedicated to the favorites of booksellers "Our audio favourites". Just click on the player to listen to the testimonial of a bookseller of the Nosoli group. On the commercial sites, the audio reviews are easy to find, as shown in the image below:

A collaboration under the sign of literature: Ekoo and the Nosoli group - Furets du Nord and Decitre bookshops
Le Furet du Nord website page with Ekoo solution

Click on the widget below to listen to an example of an audio favorite. This one was made by the bookseller Jérôme de Furet du Nord, who shares with you his interest for the book "Le livre des morts" :

The bookstores Furet du Nord and Decitre have even chosen to put forward their new audio favorites directly on their respective home pages.

The Furet du Nord and Decitre teams would like the booksellers' audio testimonials to be available in store as well. When no bookseller can take care of you in store, save time and scan the QR Code near the book you have chosen. Frankly, it couldn't be easier. With your phone, scan this little code. The bookseller will whisper his personal opinion about your choice. The next time you visit your favorite bookstore, be sure to listen for these signs:

Bookmark and Stop Rayon of Furet du Nord bookstores
The QR codes are installed in the bookstores of the Nosoli group

Le Furet du Nord and Decitre did not hesitate for a moment to call on Ekoo. They immediately understood that audio was THE solution to give feedback to their booksellers, but also to create difference and preference with their customers. By listening and not reading a review, the customer can feel the emotion and sincerity of the bookseller's testimony.

So, what are you waiting for to join the Ekoo adventure?

Emilie Brossier CEO of EKOO woman entrepreneur in Frenchtech
Émilie Brossier, co-founder of Ekoo, meets Nosoli bookstores
The Ekoo team and Le Furet du Nord in full co-creation

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