How does Jules tell the secrets of her clothes with Ekoo?

jules logo

Jules is a men's ready-to-wear brand offering clothing and accessories for men, specializing in casual and urban fashion collections. Jules calls on EKOO to highlight its commitment to the manufacture of its products and its "in Progress" range. It also provides its customers with style advice [...].

Auchan gives its teams a voice with Ekoo

auchan logo

Auchan is one of France's largest supermarket chains. The collaboration with EKOO was born out of a desire to promote the "Cultivons Le Bon" chain. These are products that are grown or harvested in France, with respect for the environment. The start-up Ekoo is responsible for promoting these products through audio testimonials. [...]

Why will barcodes be replaced by QR codes?

barcodes and qr codes

Barcodes have been used for decades to identify products in stores. However, they have their limitations and can only store so much product information. Today, more and more companies are switching to QR codes for their products. In this article, we'll explain why barcodes are going to be [...]

Accessible e-commerce: how to adapt e-commerce sites for seniors

Seniors now spend more time on the Internet than any other consumer category. Impatient and often allergic to technology, retired people expect the web to be easy and accessible to them. But how can e-commerce sites adapt to this customer group, often overlooked by digital and marketing departments?